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Use these helpful links below to register your free lesson, practice your hazard protection test online or book your P’s test when you’re ready.

Book Your Free 60 Minute Lesson With Lisa

The free lesson goes for 60 minutes, during which the keys2drive accredited driving instructor will explain the keys2drive learning approach – ‘Find Your Own Way’ – and offer examples of how it can be used when learning to drive. The remaining lesson time includes a practical demonstration of these skills being used and taught, and you will be driving.

Driving test vic

Hazard Perception Test Practice VIC (HPT)

The Hazard Perception Test in VIC consists of 28 clips of real traffic situations to which you will be asked to respond based on instructions given before the clip plays.

The best preparation for the test is to get an understanding of what the test will look like and how you will be required to respond. The example images provided by VicRoads fail to effectively prepare people for the real test.

Fortunately, there is another resource available that allows you to practice the HPT. The online HPT  features clips very similar to those in the real HPT.


Get Your P’s

Check how to get your probationary driver licence, including eligibility, preparing for and taking the hazard perception and drive tests.

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